About Me

I’m a registered dietitian in the UK currently working in the NHS, who began getting into a healthy lifestyle during my late teens. When I began I knew NOTHING about healthy eating. So when I started I felt quite overwhelmed at all the conflicting health messages available online and didn’t have the knowledge to dispel the health myths from facts. I had always enjoyed and excelled in science, so following my new found interest in healthy eating and exercising, I decided that I wanted to study nutrition at university.

I went on to complete a BsC Hons degree in Nutrition and Health Science. During which I realised that i was more interested in the impact of diet on disease and managing disease with nutrition. This lead me to deciding that I wanted to study dietetics.

I then completed a PG Dip in nutrition and dietetics and became a registered dietitian. Since then i have been working in the NHS. The main areas that i currently work in are; malnutrition, weight loss and type 2 diabetes. However I also have specialist interests in gastroenterology and paediatrics.

I hope my blog will provide to helpful tips and advice for living a healthy lifestyle!

All views are my own

Nicola x